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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 22, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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obamas. the first couple attending just two inaugural balls, compared to ten during the first inauguration. >> with more on the parties and the politics, tahman bradley, joining us from a chilly washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: very chilly, paula. good morning to you. good morning to you, as well, rob. it's back to work today for president obama, who had an aggressive second term agenda during his inaugural speech. he might want to sleep in today because he and the first lady were out late partying. ♪ you can feel it all over >> reporter: at star-studded inaugural balls, president obama and first lady stole the spotlight. mrs. obama, stunning in a ruby gown by jason wu. the couple serenaded by jennifer hudson. the inaugural balls capped off a day of pomp, featuring plenty of
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music. ♪ and the home of the brave >> reporter: a parade. and a public swearing-in at the capitol. now, it's back to work for mr. obama, who in his inaugural address, said he would push an aggressive agenda. the president spoke directly to the goals of the more diverse and more social coalition that re-elected him. for the first time in an inaugural speech, explicitly mentioning gay rights. >> if we are truly created equal, the love we give one another must be equal, as well. >> reporter: he spoke about climate change, equal pay for women and immigration reform. >> our journey is not complete until we find a way to welcome the thriving, hopeful immigrants who see america as a land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president paused during many of the day's special moments, seeming to take
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it all in, knowing this would be his last inauguration. some republicans thought president obama's speech was too partisan. with divided government here in washington, he will need some gop support to pass his big agenda items. rob? paula? >> all right. tahman bradley live in washington. we had breaking news that part of the president's second term is going to get you a new hat. >> reporter: stop that. it's warm, though, okay? >> that's all that matters. >> easy for us to say, warm in the studio. >> he's doing the hard work. thank you, tahman. the president is in a lot of big topics. seems like the state of the union address, a more sweeping, poetic inaugural address. climate change, immigration reform, equal pay for women. gun control. he laid out a litany of things he would like to do. and as you heard in that piece, spoke to the younger, much more diverse america, that helped get him elected. and maybe signifying the
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political shift in the country that's going to affect future elections. >> as if he was direct in this speech, imagine how more direct he's going to be in the state of the union on february 12th. >> term two, let it begin. stay with us for more live coverage from washington coming up in a little while on "good morning america." and it is 40 years ago today that the nation's highest court legalized abortion. a record seven in ten americans say the roe v. wade decision should stand. 9% want abortion made illegal. >> that 70%, the highest ever, in fact. there's a lot of anger this morning at the former leader of the largest catholic archdiocese in the u.s. he's retired los angeles cardinal roger mahoney. newly released documents in a lawsuit against the archdiocese, says he worked to shield child
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molesting priests from authorities. mahoney has apologized for his handling of abuse allegations. victims' rights advocates say the documents vindicate their claim. and the northern part of the country still shivering under a blast of winter air. windchill advisories are in a dozen states. some areas are getting more snow the day after drivers were blindsided by a treacherous storm. abc's larry jacobs has the details. >> reporter: sudden snow bursts and icy conditions turned a cincinnati high wi into a death problem. whiteout conditions blinded drivers before this pileup. >> i called my boss, freaking out. i called my wife. it's the worst thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: ohio police report 1 fatality and as many as 20 injuries. dangerous sub zero windchills and blowing snow will keep students home in minnesota again
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today. it was 12 below zero when a minnesota snowplow driver found a snowmobiler who had been missing since saturday. he ran out of gas 20 miles from home. he's in the hospital, treated for hyperthermia. >> it was really tough. he looked severely frozen. >> reporter: vicious winds caused property damage. the gusts were so powerful, chunks of ice a foot thick blew off of lake winnebago. in washington, the dome looks damaged. as snow blows across the northeast, new england is bracing for up to a foot of snow. up to three feet fell on upstate new york. the plunging temperatures to fallow. larry jacobjacobs, abc news, new york. it's time for the rest of the weather from across the nation. heavy snow around the great lakes. just a dusting in the dakotas. a foggy morning in the northwest. a record high in los angeles. cooling down along the gulf coast. >> highs around 60 for dallas and new orleans. 20s in the northeast.
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teens from detroit to indianapolis. below zero in fargo and the twin cities. 40s in the pacific northwest. and some 70s in phoenix and miami. hard not to be jealous of that part of the country this time of year. >> you don't want all the cold and snow? >> wake me up in may, please. >> just hibernate right now. coming up, the airlines' newest fees. but travelers might like this one. and more from washington's big party and the inaugural moments everybody's talking about this morning. and later, a serious scare on the wrestling mat. we're right back.
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welcome back, everyone. can wall street make it four in a row? a four-peat. the major stock markets have closed higher for three-straight weeks now, thanks to solid earnings reports and good news on housing and jobs. this week, we're going to hear from more major companies, indeeding verizon, dupont, google, ibm and apple. more than one-third of its brick and mortar video outlet and 3,000 jobs. dish tv, that's its parent company, says it still sees value in the blockbuster name. they use blockbuster to sell streaming video and mobile services. and don't look for gun deals on groupen. all of this in the wake of last month's connecticut school shooting. groupon is calling for a boycott of groupen.
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for 40 bucks you can cut to the head of the line at the airport. boarding first is a big deal. and now, you can buy the right to be among the first 15 onboard. the new service can be purchased at the gate, if space is still available. a fee that we can agree on, right? >> not too bad. other fees, not bad. and speaking of being first, nascar team owner rick hendrick paid a lot for that right this weekend. he paid 1.1 million bucks at a charity auction for the very first 2014 corvette stingray off the production line this summer. the normal price is expected to be less than $55,000. that is a beautiful ride. >> i don't think it's going to make many left turns on the track. but maybe on the highway. next on this tuesday morning, a candid prince harry on his latest deployment in the war zone. even talking about his romp in
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this was a near-tragic wake-up call for a woman in utah. look at that gigantic boulder. it had rolled down a hill in the middle of the night and crashed into the woman's home, right through the wall of her bedroom. that woman managed to find her phone, call for help. she suffered a broken jaw and other injuries. but her family says she was lucky that it wasn't a whole lot worse. >> look at that. that's the truth. wow. now, for a look at your morning road conditions, everybody. fog affects visibility in the northwest part of the country. we have slick roads in the dakotas. some snow-covered highways around the great lakes. it will be snowy, as well, in coastal new england. >> looks like it's going to be
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pretty smooth sailing or flying, we should say, for air travelers. weather-related airport delays only expected in boston. and it is our top story this morning. the first couple celebrated in a pretty low-key way last night in washington. dancing to just two inaugural balls, instead of the ten they had four years ago. both times, they swayed to jennifer hudson's rendition of the al green classic "let's stay together." and then, the obamas each danced with a member of the military. >> but there was a somber note, as well, when the president used a video link to talk to troops in kandahar and spoke to their commander. britain's prince harry is headed home after a four-month deployment co-piloting a an apache helicopter in afghanistan by harry had to sprint off to join a mission. rips off his microphone. he said he flew dozens of them. and during some, he fired missiles that killed enemy
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fighters. harry says being in the ranks is a great equalizer. >> it's easy to completely forget about who i am when i'm in the amy. you know, everyone's on -- everyone's wearing the same uniform. and doing the same kind of thing. >> in another media interview, well, harry addressed that racy romp in las vegas. he said it was an example of him, quote, being too much army, not enough prince. and harry said the press coverage was unacceptable. >> life in the fish bowl ain't easy. medical news this morning. the number of kids diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, rose 21%. researchers say that increase is likely due to more parents and doctors simply becoming aware of the disorder. and it was a year ago today that former penn state football coach joe paterno passed away from lung cancer. his supporters are holding a
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vigil for him in downtown state college, pennsylvania. a frightening situation caught by surveillance cameras in a madrid subway station. watch as a 52-year-old woman faints. she falls on to the tracks with a train approachman. an off-duty policeman comes on the tracks. carries the woman to the opposite side of the platform. she was treated at the scene. she is expected to be fine. but a frightening scene there. >> could have been a lot worse. speaking of could have been a lot worse, a high school wrestler in south dakota said it was nothing serious. but it definitely didn't look that way. he was down on his knees when a light fixture -- keep your eye on the screen -- the size of a large truck tire came crashing down on top of him. a cut on his head required a few stitches. and he suffered some other cuts, as well. overall, somehow, he's doing just fine. now, for basketball this morning. the family that owns the
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sacramento kings has agreed to sell the team to a group of investors from seattle. if nba owners approve that deal, that would mean the supersonics return to their former home. for highlights on the floor, we get you to espn. >> i'm jorge andres. the bulls trying to right the ship quickly. second quarter. gasol in. and knocking down the "j." he had 15 points in the contest. third quarter, now. kobe bryant. 2 of his 16 in the contest. lakers by three. fourth quarter, now. kirk hinrich, he had a game. 22 points in the contest. 2:35 to go in the fourth. joakim noah, finding marco belinelli. bulls win it, 95-83. the knicks hosting the nets. little battle of the boroughs. pick it up in the fourth quarter. nets up by one. joe jonson. five of eight from three-point
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land. showing off. nets, four-point lead. under 30 seconds to play. johnson, again. this time, the tough "j" over j.r. smith. he had 25 points in the game. nets by one. next knicks possession. melo, 29 points in the game. missing badly there. and knicks from the ball. last chance, getting a pretty decent look. nearly got it off the glass. the nets hang on. they win by three. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a great day. >> thanks, jorge. up next, we got "the pulse." isn't that our favorite time of the day? not that pulse. the other one. and the inaugural moment burning up the internet overnight. burning up the internet overnight. stay with us. pointed moderate to severe ment she chronic plaque psoriasis... well, it was really embarrassing.
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♪ obama's on fire obama's on fire ♪ instant classic remix for alicia keys. "girl on fire" to obama on fire. >> we should talk about the inauguration. >> everyone else is. why not? >> it's the most talked about event on the town. >> president obama is seen here, with what's without question one of the most sentimental questions of the day. before leaving the platform, he lingers and glances back at that massive crowd, estimated to be about 1 million folks. saying, quote, i want to take a look one more time. i'm not going to see this again. >> trying to take it all in. >> must be a spectacular view. very few men have had that experience. in many ways the first daughter are clearly no
4:22 am
different than any other teen or tween. malia and sasha may have been elegantly dressed in j. crew. they were having a good time alongside their parents. texting and snapping pictures with their phones. >> as normal a family can be in those extraordinary circumstances. and for the moment everyone has been waiting for, first lady michelle obama certainly did not disappoint. she went bold for the evening, dazzling the crowd with a ruby chiffon and velvet gown made by juice e jason wu. he created her first inaugural ball gown four years ago. he can thank her for his career. and earlier in the day, cameras captured the first lady in a seemingly telling moment with john boehner. the first lady seemed to roll her eyes in response to the speaker, before turning back to her meal. no word on what boehner was saying. maybe she didn't like the food.
4:23 am
>> the cameras catch everything, don't they? >> she is just dividing those two men right there. and it's not a party unless there's a photo bomb. >> we love this. look at this mug. former president bill clinton, as he's known to do, stealing the show. this time, from kelly clarkson. this has gone viral. people are tweeting and posting it. and as you can imagine, attaching their own varied punchlines. and a photo bomb from the first lady's brother, craig robinson. you see him popping his head behind the president. >> and leave it to the teenagers, malia obama gets in front of her sister and a professional photographer, during what was a tender moment between her parents. >> and chuck schumer wasn't going to be left out of the photo bombing. there he is, during beyonce's "star-spangled banner." ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> it feels like monday after the holiday yesterday. >> yes. counting. now more days until friday so it is okay. it is tuesday. hope you had a great long weekend. we will start a check with the weather. how is it? >> chilly but not as bad as last week. >> not yet. temperatures running mostly in the 30's and 40's. we have isolated frost out there. you can see the clear live doppler 7 hd but as we head to the afternoon, we have clouds. they are high clouds. they will be thicker in the afternoon. they will not block the sun enough to make today cooler. that starts tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's at the coast. mid-to-upper 60's around the bay. low-to-mid 60's inland. sue, how are you? >> well, thank you. it is light on the roads this early tuesday morning. no problems with anything at the golden gate bridge. two lanes in the southbound direction with no fog.
4:28 am
road work that is still there, westbound dumbarton until 5:00 a.m. various lanes are blocked. that will be picked up the next half hour. southbound 880 with road work. and southbound 101 leaving san francisco, oyster point until grand left lane at 6:00. >> topping the news, oakland police are looking for a suspect and possibly more suspects after the shooting of an undercover officer at 6:30 at seminary near international boulevard. abc7 news reporter is live in oakland with the latest details. amy? >> look behind me. the swat team is still here on seminary. they blocked off this section of the street at 17th. the neighborhood is still on lockdown. we did see them recently allow a young family to return to their family. the family has been waiting to
4:29 am
get in since last night. this happened at 6:30 in the 170 block of seem near. an officer working undercough was investigating another shooting and he was shot in the arm. the police chief says the investigators are trying to put together what happened. >> unknown at this time if the officer runs fire. this was one officer involved. >> was he or she in the car or on foot when the shooting happened? >> we believe he was in the car. that is what we know. >> police made one arrest. we were told they were still looking for others. the sergeant at scene says he doesn't know whether anymore arrests have been made. the swat team is still here. it appears they are looking for evidence. they hope to give us a briefing this morning on the situation.


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